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Organic Hartley Walnuts from the Capay Valley

Dateline 9 January 2015-- Once again I am seriously in arrears in updating this page (as some of our patrons have reported to my wife!) but I hereby remedy this situation. First off, we are NOT yet sold out of our Fall 2014 harvest of delicious Hartley walnuts. Please check the newly revised order page to dibs your share!

Once again our harvest was completely by hand, with the exception this year of a machine aided "shake" of the trees, thanks to our "Woodland Chamber Singers" chorus members. They picked up ~4000 lbs of in-hull walnuts and we split the cleaned and shelled nut meats with them for their, our and your benefit. --sam

P.S. We recommend you contact our friend and neighbor Jim Haag at Haag Farm for your walnut needs in excess of our meager abilities to supply them.

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