Winter Creek Ranch

About the ranch


Winter Creek Ranch is located three miles north of the grand old town of Brooks (population 92), off California Highway 16 on Yolo County Road 70. Many old maps show this as the community of Tancred, where the Capay Valley railway once stopped to pick up farm produce to take to market (1920's & 30's). Now the area still produces beef, bees and honey, almonds, organic vegetables (at Fiddlers Green Farm) and, of course, walnuts! We're the first farmhouse on the right on County Road 70 after you turn west off of Highway 16 and go about a half mile.

You might not find us easily in an ordinary road atlas, but you can see us on Google's mapping and satellite photo service (including the ranch, orchard and all our neighboring farms-- you might even spot one of the cats, but last time I checked they didn't show the new chicken coop). Follow that link for driving directions if you're planning to visit the ranch.

Farming Methods

Winter Creek Ranch produces only strictly organic walnuts, certified by CCOF. We use no pesticides, herbicides, or commercial fertilizers. That means extra work is required to keep the trees healthy and producing good yields of quality nuts. We're a small-time operation -- that is, a lot of work for not very many people -- and we don't aspire to a huge "factory" farming operation. Organic walnuts cost a bit more than what you'll find at the supermarket, but you can get a pound of fresher, better-tasting shelled organic walnuts directly from Winter Creek Ranch for $8.00+plus shipping, delivered to your door. We think that's a good value relative to the supermarket alternative. See our order form for pricing and quantity discounts. If you ever have questions about our farming practices, please send e-mail (be sure to include the word "walnuts" in the subject line-- our simple anti-spam measure).


The ranch started out as a thoroughbred cattle stud service in the 1950s, and was later converted to a walnut orchard by Gail and Jim Sims. They planted about eight acres of Hartley walnuts as 331 eight-foot bare root whips in 1984. Today the ranch is owned and operated by Sam and Caroline Bledsoe. We had our first commercial harvest of 3,600 pounds in 1991. Since then our best yield has been nearly 17,000 pounds (in 2002).

Winter Creek Ranch
18080 County Road 70
Brooks, CA 95606

(be sure to include the word "walnuts" in the subject line-- our simple anti-spam measure)