Winter Creek Ranch

'Hartley' English Walnuts and 'Walnutty' Granola ---2014 Harvest 

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Winter Creek Ranch is located in the beautiful Capay Valley of northern California, about 1 hour NW of Sacramento or 2 hours NE of San Francisco (how about those Giants!).  We grow English walnuts, variety 'Hartley', using only organic methods.   Organic means we use no herbicides, no pesticides, no commerical fertilizers.   Each fall after our harvest, we plant a nitrogen fixing cover crop of eleven legume species which grows during winter and spring, fertilizing the soil.  We are a registered organic grower [California license # 57-003454]

Autumn weather should remind you of the taste of our delicious walnuts, which are very different from super-market nuts. Harvest is in late October and we're looking forward to your orders. We sell walnut meats in 5 pound bags; sorry- we do not sell less than 5 pound packages. Our walnut meats are "run of the orchard", that is, a mixture of large and small pieces and halves-- just as they come from the shelling operation. They have not been sorted for size, color or quality but are hand picked over to remove shell pieces missed by the shelling machinery. And you will get an occasional small piece of shell missed by the pickers. Email or call us about discounts on orders larger than 20 pounds. However, if you have a large order (100 lbs or more), check with our organic wholesalers, Dixon Ridge Farms, who may be able to offer you better prices than our small operation.

We also sell our "Walnutty Granola" in one pound packages. We mix organic oatmeal, lots of walnuts, almonds, sunflower & sesame seeds & coconut flakes, toss with honey & canola oil and then bake till crisp. We like to eat granola in many ways --  as an energizing breakfast cereal, as trail-mix (perhaps mixed with chocolate chips and dried blueberries!), sprinkled over fruits or ice cream or as a pie topping.

Please see the order form below for prices and shipping costs. We ship all orders in US Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes @ $12.65 ea., including delivery confirmation, and can get up to 10 lbs of any product in each box. This is currently the most economical way to ship our sometimes weighty product and rarely takes more than 3 days to get to you. All orders include a free copy of our walnut recipes.

Winter Creek Ranch Order Form - Winter-Spring 2014 - 15

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